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The Best Documentaries Available on Netflix 2023

The Best Documentaries Available on Netflix 2023

You can find here the best documentaries on Netflix, With the advent of streaming platforms, television viewing has altered dramatically in recent years. If large viewing of live programs, weekly broadcast series, contests, reality shows, and talent shows was the norm a few years ago, we are now witnessing a paradigm shift. Because a major portion of the population has shifted to on-demand viewing, general television viewership is much less.

The ability to choose what to see at any time, at your own pace, without schedules or commercial interruptions, is a significant advantage for making the most of your free time. When you consider the tremendously diverse catalogs of all the operators, the situation improves. As a result, genres that were formerly marginalized in classic television broadcasts are seeing a revival in our homes. Horror series and science fiction projects have recently acquired popularity, owing to on-demand replication.

The documentary is one of the most important. Sports, crime, historical events, famous people, music… anything we can think of gets a chance to be heard owing to this format. Netflix has recognized this since its inception and has continued to develop its own productions and documentary acquisitions to improve its repertoire. It is true that its star goods are fiction, and we have already highlighted the most anticipated and recommended Netflix series of 2023, as well as the Netflix movie, releases that you should not miss in 2023. But we didn’t want to overlook what is most likely the ‘third leg’ that sustains the streaming giant’s production. Here is the full list of the best documentaries on Netflix.

1. The Marquesse

The Marquee

Tamara Falcó is a socialite, influencer, businesswoman, television collaborator, and Le Cordon Bleu chef whose life is chronicled almost entirely through the covers of the magazine Hola! So who is the actual Marquise de Grión? For Tamara, the 40s bring “plenty of changes,” and we will see them all. The documentary series, produced by Komodo Studios, the authors of ‘I’m Georgina,’ comprises six episodes that explore the most obscure aspects of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó’s daughter.

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2. Pamela Anderson: A Love Story

Pamela Anderson: A Love Story is an intimate and humanizing depiction of one of the world’s most famous gorgeous blondes. Following her life and career from rural girl to international sex symbol to actor, activist, and mother. Pamela Anderson explains the narrative of her rise to stardom, difficult romances, and the legendary sex video that we learned more about thanks to the Disney Plus + series Pam and Tommy.

3. I’m Georgina Season 2

I am Georgina Season 2 - Best Documentaries on Netflix

“Many people know my name, but just a few know who I am.” That is the theme of I am Georgina, the Netflix documentary about Cristiano Ronaldo’s couple, in which all parts of his life will be unveiled, from the most public and well-known to the most private. We will experience her daily life, parenting, connection with Cristiano Ronaldo, excursions, parties… we will learn about her true friendships, desires and desires, highs and lows.

4. Jennifer Lopez: Halftime

Jennifer Lopez goes over the major occasions in her personal life that have shaped her work, from her beginnings as an artist, which was tied to dance, to that great episode of her performance at the Super Bowl in 2020. development, his ideals, and his career path.

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5. Our Father

Dr. Donald Cline, an Indianapolis fertility doctor, had used his own sperm to inseminate patients at his clinic on multiple occasions. Cline did so without the women’s knowledge and after persuading them that the donor’s sperm originated from a group of medical students and was physically compatible with their spouses.

6. The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe – The Unpublished Tapes

In The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe, Netflix recommends that we examine in depth the figure that Norma Jean represented in life and everything that led to her death. The tapes have yet to be released. The goal of this documentary is to clarify, with the help of some of Marilyn’s associates, the circumstances in which she lived her life, career, and, notably, her final weeks.

7. 800 Meters

This documentary series, directed by Elas León Siminiani, examines why some ostensibly integrated young people chose to kill in the 17-A attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona), and provides a detailed reconstruction of the events, using previously unseen audiovisual material, exclusive testimonies from the leading investigators and experts, as well as many survivors and people close to the terrorists.

8. 11 M

On March 11, 2004, just before 8 a.m., four trains of the Cercanas network covering the route from Alcalá de Henares to Atocha were hit by an explosion, killing 193 people and injuring nearly 2,000 others. The victims’ experiences are, without a question, the most difficult aspect of what has occurred.

Survivors and experts assess the terrorist assault in Madrid on March 11, 2004, from the political crisis it sparked to the hunt for those responsible in this documentary.

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9. Neymar: The Perfect Chaos

Neymar has established himself as a hero on the field as well as a divisive character off the field. El Caos perfecto, directed by David Charles Rodrigues, sketches an up-close and personal portrait of soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior in three parts, showing his rise to fame at Santos Ftbol Club, his glory days at Barcelona, and the ups and downs with the Brazilian national team, where he is still considered his best hope for a comeback, and Paris Saint-Germain.

10. 100 Days with Tata

100 Days with Tata

The delicate love story of Miguel angel and his great-grandaunt, Luisa Cantero, was to be filmed. Additional plans include a road trip and learning about Luisa’s background. But the epidemic put a stop to all of that. However, in the same way, the actor managed to put a positive spin on the pandemic situation in order to enjoy time with Luisa and, incidentally, encourage his physical and mental activity. He began two major projects: social media activity with Tata, even reaching international virality with #CuarenTata and the conversion of the film into a confinement documentary.