Celebrity Race Across the World – New Air Date Announced After Postponement

The BBC One series Race Across the World is coming back for a second season in 2023. This time, there is a twist.

In Race Across the World, teams race from one place to another. They usually go through many countries. The catch is that they cannot use smartphones, the internet, or credit cards. They have a very limited budget for travel.

So, what is different about this new season? Some of the contestants are celebrities.

The first episode will air soon. You won’t have to wait long to watch it. Read on to learn when it airs, who the celebrity contestants are, and where they will be racing.

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Who is in Celebrity Race Across the World?

There are four celebrities in this series. Each one is joined by a parent or sibling to make a team of two.

Harry Judd, the drummer from McFly, will compete with his mum, Emma.

Singer Melanie Blatt, from All Saints, will race with her mum, Helene.

TV weather presenter Alex Beresford will travel with his dad, Noel.

The last team is British racing driver Billy Monger, who will race with his sister, Bonny.

Where are the celebrities racing?

In this series, the celebrities are racing 10,000 km from Africa to the Arctic. They start in Marrakech, Morocco, and end in Tromsø, Norway, known as the ‘Capital of the Arctic.’

They will pass through five checkpoints along the way. The route covers 24 countries, including the Mediterranean coast, historic European cities, the Alps, and the Baltic States. The race will feature many fascinating cultures and landscapes and many challenges for the contestants.

When does Celebrity Race Across the World start? The first episode was set to air on 13 September. However, due to the earthquake in Morocco on 8 September, it was postponed.

The new start date is 20 September at 9 pm on BBC One. You can also watch it on iPlayer after each episode airs.

To get ready, you can catch up or re-watch the previous three series on BBC iPlayer now.

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